Gamo PT- 85


This is a beast of a gun. I bought it from a friends son for a good price, but if I am honest it was the price that sold me on it. I would not have bought one at full price.

Its not really my thing these tactical guns and at the time I bought it I was not convinced on CO2 powered weapons, But I have to admit it does have its advantages over break barrel, or stock loading weapons. One of course is that it is blowback and therefore does not need cocking before shooting,

There is no reload time and it has a magazine inside the handle along with the CO2 canister. Each end of the magazine holds 8 pellets. So you fire 8 shots, eject the magazine and turn it round and reinsert it, Then you have another 8 shots. And it came with 2 magazines. so if pre loaded 32 shots in total. I have since bought another 2 magazines.

But the gas will give out before two magazines have gone through it and will need a new gas canister in around 24 shots after that the performance will fall off for theย  last 6 shots in the magazine.

As far as self sufficiency the gun is useless without CO2 as well as pellets,( But this is true of any Co2 gun. Only Springers are self sufficient, though a PCP with a hand pump is close to self sufficed in air if not pellets (Like the Falcon FN19.)ย  At t a pinch you can probably make your own pellets, You can’t make your own CO2 cartridges though. So you could have loads of ammo, but no gas, in which case the gun is frustratingly useless.

Gamo Pro Hunter .177 pellets recommend for this pistol?

Gamo Pro Hunter .177 pellets recommend for this pistol?

But this is of course true of any co2 powered weapon.

Handle removed showing the ejected magazine and the gas cartridge.

Handle removed showing the ejected magazine and the gas cartridge.

It comes with a silencer which as far as I can tell is for show rather than anything else. A tricolour (Red, green, blue) led, with 3 brightness levels for the dot sight. It also has a torch and a laser pointer. The laser pointer and the torch can be operated by pressure switches. but I can’t really see where you can put these switches

Of course all these devices require a separate battery. It is a weapon that is fairly demanding of technology. :D, definitely not low tech.

However it does have a rapid fire option and now I have sighted in the led dot sight, I was also able to bring in the laser pointer.

It is not the easiest gun to hold steady and the laser is probably more use in non bright lighting conditions. There is blow-back going on at the back of the weapon and that makes sighting it with the dots potentially unpleasant and the hammer is a moving part at the back. More than one of us has come a cropper from that ๐Ÿ™‚ First blood to the gamo to two people.

It is a serious bit of kit there is no doubt of that and it is powerful enough for spinning targets. And if a intruder should break in it does not look like an air gun and the laser pointer could make the difference between an incident and the intruder heading for the hills without incident.

Just had a cartridge belt delivered.

Co2 catridge belt holds 12 cartridges. and an ammo pouch that both attach to a belt.

Co2 catridge belt holds 12 cartridges. and an ammo pouch that both attach to a belt.

Because of the nature of this gun It will be in our bedroom at night times,because you can never be to careful.

I have stripped this gun down to the bare gun except for the silencer which seems to be integral. I can remove the can, but there is a tube within attached to the revolver which acts as an extended barrel. There is a bit of looseness on the mounts for the torch, scopeย  and laser, butย  there is nothing I can do about this, as it is to do with the way it is attached to the predominantly plastic revolver casing.

I like it despite the negativity, but I would not want it as my only gun.

What I am less keen on it the rails bolted to the gun are made of plastic and they move. This blows any accuracy this gun may have out the window. I have seen someone mount the sight on top of the silencer and do away with the plastic waste of time, But It looks more of a deterrent as it is so I am not decided on this yet If I could get a sturdy metal cage or strengthen it It would be a lot better. unless it is mounted on plastic gun casing, but I do not think this is the case.