Victory CR600W

Julia’s new gun.

I have to say it would not have been my choice, but it is very light.

It is a CO2 rifle that works on one canister of gas at a time. Though the Barrel will hold 3 cartridges. I have to say it was very easy to gas up.

This picture shows the scope/high mounts and the Magazine on the rifle.

I loaded the magazine and left Julia to play and she soon jambed the gun up. but I also have to say I would probably have done the same. It is a bit stiff at the moment and needs a firm hand pushing the bolt forward. I would have been wary pushing it that hard myself on a brand new rifle, but I am sure it will wear in and settle down.

We decided not to get a scope at the same time as we bought it. As frankly the scopes he hadย  available in the shop were far better than the rifle needs. it will never have the sort of range the scopes he had in the shop were capable of and was therefore a waste of money with this gun anyway.

However the irons on this gun are pretty useless in my opinion. They are just standard irons, but I was finding the adjustments didn’t seem to have any noticeable effect. There is nothing like a good set of irons and unfortunately these are nothing like a good set of irons,

So we ordered a simple AO scope and it arrived this morning (17th October 2016). I had suspected all along it would require high mounts and I was not wrong. For single shot these mounts are fine. but I have had to order some high mounts to accommodate the magazine. These have now arrived and have been fitted. All it needs now is zeroing in for Julia, though I have bore sighted it for me. so hopefully it wont be that far out for Julia now. I had to remove the front sight/silencer to use the bore sighter and put the silencer/sight back on afterwards. I tried it with the silencer on and the bore sighter just jammed up on the silencer. I think a fresh co2 cartridge will be in order before we do that, I am only expecting around 20 shots per canister from this weapon. I got a second mag for this gun yesterday Thursday 20th October.

As a garden plinker it is OK, but I don’t really think it has any serious use other than that myself. I would have gone for a SMK thumb hole stock CO2 for about the same sort of price myself. And in truth I might just do that in the not to distant future. But it must be said this rifle is a lot lighter and easier to handle than most of the other co2 guns.

I am sort of expecting this to be a short term purchase as I think she will grow out of it in not a lot of time, but as a beginner to air weapon it is probably a fair introduction.

I wanted to remove the action from the stock and could find no instructions on how to do this. I could see the safety was going to stopย  the action leaving the stock, so I carefully removed the trigger guard, just one screw. Sure enough the safety catch came out with the trigger, but there didn’t seem to be anything behind it to get lost. Then 2 more screws andย  the stock could be removed.

I fitted swivels to the stock which is why I wanted to remove it from the rifle. The cylinder on this rifle doesn’t seem to be a pressure tube, It just seems to use the gas directly from the cartridge.

All the rifles now have swivels fitted to them.