Went to Phil’s gun shop today Thursday 20th October to get a magazine for Julia’s gun, Couldn’t get a second pellet tray for feckling to fit the Falcon yet, but I will continue to look into this.

However I spied a second hand QB78D for £120 Which is the same price as a new XS78 Basic model, of course it is the same gun, but the QB78 is of a much better build quality and it has a BSA scope with it, It is a fairly basic scope, but it works well. and it is in very good condition. Needless to say It came home with me. I also got a magazine for Julia’s gun  the SMK Victory CW600

Since then this Rifle has been taking me on a sometimes frustrating journey and it is not over yet.

When we bought this rifle it worked OK but I didn’t know it’s history and wanted to change all the seals and o-rings so I had a fresh canvas to work from if you get my drift. I hasn’t access to a chrono at the time so I could not tell what power it was producing. And as I have since found the pellets you use has a huge influence on the power and accuracy of a gun. But I decided to tune it using tuning parts from T R Robb

These were duly fitted and it seemed to work well. I like the rifle and decided to do some cosmetic tweaks on it and I gold plated the Stock Nut and the end cap.  I also changes some of the screws for Allen headed screws.

Then I had the safety break on me and rather than pay out £40 for a new trigger mechanism to get the safety I decided to make my own after a few attempts I made a safety I was happy with out of brass.

I have since this picture was taken shortened the lever. It works well and in my opinion looks better then the original and is unlikely to break.

After a while I had problems. It started with the cap o ring appearing to burn up when the gun was being shot to expel the remaining gas. Also I was finding it was jambing with gas still in it. It would cock and fire, but no gas would come out I traced this fault to a bent needle valve and I fitted in the old valve again.

I have a new needle valve and valve block on order so this should solve the problem. However I did make a bleed hole at the back of the cylinder so I can expel the remaining gas by using a screwdriver to push the hammer forward releasing the remaining gas.

The rifle is in bits at the moment until the arrival of the new parts when it can be put together again.