Remington Express


I bought this gun on Tuesday 6th September from Phil at Leicester Air Guns and for me it represented major purchase, not just for the money. While at the lower end of the market, but at the same time not the very cheap and cheerful guns that are available it is something I have always wanted. And for my use it is probably more than powerful enough, but I work on the principle there will always be occasions where you want just a little bit more power and the cheaper guns can not deliver on that.

However I have always wanted an Air rifle, But never quite got around to it. Oh I have had gat guns, bb guns, a Webley junior in the past (Wish I had never let that go now) but never a rifle. Sometimes it was space constraints, sometimes money, but whatever the reason, it was something I thought I would never have.

The rifle came with optics, but they were pretty basic optics and I would not have been able to focus at the lesser distances that are in effect my garden So I did a deal where Phil removed the supplied optics and replaced them with a much better Hawke 3-9×40 AO Mini dot scope and a deal was struck on a px price for the old scope.

I also bought a slip for the rifle.This rifle is a .22 so I needed more pellets, and indeed I have since ordered another 500 pellets. Also a pouch to put the pellets in.

Been out today and sighted the rifle up, if still pulls fractionally to the left, but there is quite a wind today, so want to try again when it is a windless day, elevation though seems about right. The scope is bright and seems just about right to.

The feel of the rifle is just the right balance of weight. It is perhaps on the heavy side, so I am grateful it is not fitted with a barrel weight, or a silencer. As the guy in the video said It really is a nice rifle.


I was concerned about the auto safety, but discovered that it only works once the rifle is cocked.

My opinion has changed on this Rifle. I was wondering if it is time to part exchange it. The biggest problem with this rifle is it’s weight. It is a meaty gun and I am finding it to heavy to shoot comfortably.

A lot of this is I think due to the barrel length. It would for me be much more usable from my point of view if it was was a carbine. And that of course is the problem.

If is not comfortable to shoot, as a consequence is sits in the gun cabinet and rarely gets used. Unlike all the other guns.

So I had my eye on a Hamereli seeker or perhaps a hamereli black out kit which while I am nor a fan of plastic stocks It does have a better trigger. These rifles are imported by Armex. Who also do the tomcat crossbow. ,

I have had a chance to chrono this rifle now and it is producing around 9.5 ft lbs, but the spread is low only about 7 fps over 10 shots. this tells me the rifle is very good and there is no point in disturbing things, I would like a little more power, but I think as it stands it is probably the best set up as an all rounder.

So I am rethinking the idea of part exchangeย  and thinking about developing my own technique with shooting this rifle, But I think it will always need a rest rather than being fired artillery fashion, as it is to heavy for me to use the traditional firing stance,

And that gave me an idea. Why don’t I swap the scope on the qb78, which is only a basic BSA scope, but it does work well for the heavier and bigger hawke scope on the Remington? and that is what I did,I did find the mounts on the qb78 needed to be high mounts to accommodate the Hawke and I have swapped them over as I already had a set of high mounts, These mounts use an odd sized Allen key to tighten the mounts to the rails, but I will do that later as I need to strip the qb78 later on anyway,

The forecast is not brilliant for today so that will probably be the way to go,

The rifle looks a lot sleeker with the BSA scope on it It has now been zeroed and it seems to feel a bit more manageable with this scope on. I am getting used to the artillery hold now. I finally decided to lose the fibre sights from the Remington though. There is nothing wrong with them, but I found the rear sight was fouling on the outside rifle rack. Once I took this off the front sight was totally unnecessary and I think it distracted from the looks of the rifle, so it had to go as well. Once the grub screw was removed it had to be encouraged it to leave the Barrel with a piece of wood and a hammer. ๐Ÿ™‚