Falcon FN19



This is the Falcon FN19 as it is was before I had it blued and serviced.


This is one of the pictures that was on the advert. I have published it here as it demonstrates what I got. 2 stocks and 2 magazines. The chap said the old magazines were a bit worn, but I honestly think the index needed properly adjusting as it was a little out of kilter.

My new to me rifle arrived today, this is my first PCP. It was sent on Monday and was delivered today (Wednesday 5th October). I have now sorted out a pump which arrived yesterday, (Tuesday 4th October.) So I can charge up the gun up to 180bar whenever I need to.

There was a test procedure to go through with the pump and it seemed to work OK. this involved Pressurizing it up to 100bar to make sure it retained the air and then at 200bar, which it did. Looks pretty good with a copper bleed valve and a copper plug to keep the quick release valve clean.

It will be interesting to see how many shots I get before it is out of puff. Hoping for around 40


I thought the Falcon was quite a good deal. It cost me £265  which includes the Light-hunter rifle stock and the Standard stock. It was sent in strip down form so I had a chance to get to know the rifle when I was reassembling it. I have it on the Light-hunter stock at the moment which I rather like the look of, but  It will be easy to change the stock.  Only 2 Allen bolts. to remove.  On top of that It has 2 magazines which are 8 shot and I was told they are a bit worn, but I had real problems with them and have ordered 2 more new ones. Julia says she will get them as she has no idea what to get me for my birthday. Also it came with a silencer, which i removed the sticky back plastic carbon fibre effect material from the silencer, I cleaned up this silencer and repainted it Satin black.It also came with a pretty good Hawke scope plus the quick fill adaptor.  Included in the price was the delivery. As originally he wanted another £25 with the scope. I got it for £15 in the end and that included postage. Which was another £22

It seems if I hadn’t acted when I did I would definitely have missed out on it, as he has apparently had loads of enquiries. Fortunately I made sure I paid him via paypal, so he had the full amount. So I think I did OK getting what I think will be an appreciating classic for £265

This is not a cheap Chinese rifle, or even a more upmarket Chinese offering and considering there is a Chinese PCP rife out there called something like the SMK Victory CW900 which sells for around £220 and frankly is not that bad. This is a British rifle, probably made around the year 2000, so it is not that new and then again not that old either.

From my research these could become sought after and collectable because it is from what I can tell, coming from the same factory that is owned by the owners of Air Arms and Falcon.  Air Arms is where the money is at the moment and Falcon have ceased trading as Falcon for now. But they have not gone bust and all the spares are available. Indeed I have just bought a complete pack of seals for it, which should be here tomorrow 5th October.

I don’t at this time want to go the divers cylinder route. I would rather use a hand pump.  I just can’t see the divers cylinder being cost effective. It’s  anything between about £100 -£300 to buy a cylinder and for capacity you are looking at the £300 price range. It costs £7 or so to have it filled and then it has to be tested every 5 years for a cost of £40,  This works out more expensive than the pump and indeed perhaps the rifle. Which while the air may not produce as many shots. It doesn’t suffer with being temperature dependent and five minute pump can restore pressure so the rifle becomes self sufficient.

There is some discrepancy in the number of shots it seem it will be between 30 and 40 though. Which may be enough for a days shooting. The LED’s in the scope did not appear to be working , but a new battery fixed that. The biggest problem was working out where the battery actually was 🙂

I think it will work well for Julia to, being a lighter rifle (5lbs) than the Remington (8lbs). But I am hanging on to all my guns.

We have ordered a gun cabinet, not because we legally need one, but because it makes sense to have one. I was a bit disappointed in as much as the cabinet was supposed  to be capable of holding 3 rifles with scopes. What they don’t say is the scopes need to be small scopes and not on high mounts. Yes I could take the scopes off, but then they would have to be zeroed every time and I would have to store them somewhere safely as well when not in use. Drat should have got the 6 gun cabinet.

As to the new magazines. They arrived safely. One had to go back as it perpetually rotates. The stop does not work.I contacted the vendor and he told me how to adjust it, but it didn’t work. So that one has to gone back and joy of joys the post office have lost it FFS.

The rifle needs adjustment to  work with the new magazines. But I can’t even get the breach loading device to go all the way through the new magazines. Not without jambing up the gun anyway. It feels like the holes are to small. I have however sorted out the adjustment and it works fine on the old mags now. The new ones though I will see what happens when the new one arrives, but I may need to get this professionally set up for the new mags. Which will be a pain.

In the meantime I will need to use the loader I have made to fill the magazines.. Though it seems the loader may be unnecessary for the new magazines, If I can get them to work properly.

Looked at the silencer while in the workshop this morning (Tuesday 18th October 2016) and it looks good. It will need a light rub on the front face I think, but other then that will be ready for the primer tonight.


I think the Falcon is looking pretty cool now. The metal work it is not in bad order either, but I am tempted to re blue it or even just touch it up.

I wanted to make a single pellet loader for it, tried it in wood and it wont be viable as it will be to weak, so a rethink was in order. In fact I made a simple single shot loader using scrap metal. But I believe that a single pellet tray for Julia’s little gun will work with a bit of work .Filing it to fit. So I may look into the possibility of buying another from the guy in Queninbourough tomorrow. Might also get her another magazine or 2.


This is the slot where the Magazine and hopefully the single shot tray will go


Inherent weakness in first prototype was the by necessity thin material at the base


I believe the idea is sound and may still be viable. So I decided to try making a similar model out of scrap metal that I had handy.








These were the first prototype for a single shot loader tray that I made. As you can see the wood is by necessity very thin and for this reason I abandoned the idea of a wooden pellet tray.


The second prototype. Like the first it works and it is much stronger. but I now have an idea how to make one out of a single piece of metal.



This is made from 3 pieces of metal and while it looks a bit Heath Robinson it does actually work very well. I did however have to use hot melt glue to make this and that would melt wherever I did any further work involving heat or friction to it.









I have now made a one piece pellet tray. I however drilled 2 6 mm holes on either side of the slot and fitted 3 rare earth magnets into each hole.. Once I was satisfied with the fit and knew they would not fall out I removed the magnets and case hardened the new part. I case hardened it because of the thinness of the mild steel under the bolt action. I then refitted the magnets setting them in place with gentle taps of a pin punch to get them in the right position

A few coats of primer and satin black completed the job and the new pellet tray is now back on the rifle while it cures entirely.

I now have a tool which should make it easier to make a better single pellet tray so that joins my list of outstanding jobs, but It is a diminishing list now 🙂

I was looking at the rifles high mounts and found myself wondering if it actually needed high mounts. I didn’t think it did and I was right, there is room to get the magazine under the scope on normal mounts. As I had some normal mounts available I have swapped them over.

This makes the rifle look much more streamlined. so time will tell if it is a solution or not.

The falcon is nearly out of puff at the moment. and I think I will leave it that way for now. Indeed I might purge it fully and change all the seals, as this would be an ideal opportunity. I already have the seals and I can always get more so that I have a spare set once it has been serviced.

The second/third falcon magazine has just arrived.This one does stop after the 8th shot.

May 2017 A complete refit of the Falcon has now been conducted and many new parts have been fitted. During the testing though a pellet fell out of the magazine into the the probe cage jambing it up. Eventually I found this and after much fiddling managed to remove the offending crushed  pellet The rifle look like new now and fires very well.

June 2017. Rifle down on air to low to fire, Pumped up and experienced Indexing problems with the magazines, but did manage to get the rifle crony’ed It is within the legal limit on heavy pellet’s, but only just. 11.98 ft lbs

Swivels and straps on both stocks in the original mountings complete the package.

I have used one of the old magazines as a single pellet tray by locking the magazine with an open hole and removing the mechanism that would normally advance the magazine from the magazine itself. It is I hope a fairly foolproof single shot loader. It is a bit of a faf using the pellet loader, but it is easier than trying to put the pellet into the breach.Although it is easier since I managed to fit an o ring inside the mag/pellet loader to stop the pellet falling straight through the hole

It has now been zeroed and it’s accuracy is pellet on pellet. The zero will unfortunately be lost for a time shortly though, as I will be stripping it down again. There is a small leak which does not unduly affect the rifle if it is charged before use, as it will deplete itself of air in a few days. This is probably me tightening the cylinder ends to much and crushing the o rings, but it has to be stripped down to replace these rings. Also I now have the parts to make an air bleed device and I want to sort out and get working while it is stripped down.

I did make 2 air bleed devices in the end. One operating on the exhaust valve and the other on the Inlet valve. Both appear to work well. However I did have a problem with the non return valve leaking on the inlet valve which took a while to fix.


I am fairly happy with this rifle, but it has to be said that spares for these rifles are now in quite short supply. Air Arms no longer have any inlet valve blocks or assemblies, But they will rework existing assemblies for you. I didn’t have to go down this route in the end and managed to reseat the valve with just adjustments.

However it is now looking increasingly like an new parts required I will have to make myself on the lathe.