Home made silencer

I put my lathe to use and produced this. It was not an easy project and it was at the edge of what is possible with my small lathe.

Though I think this was because It needed a new drive belt and motor pulley, These have now been replaced and I am nearing completion of a thorough service on the lathe. I took  the opportunity to replace the mains cable,emergency stop switch and am now awaiting a new fuse box to complete the service. I have also cleaned up the chucks. I wont be repainting the lathe though.

This is the main pair of components for the silencer which has not yet been tested. It consist of an outer tube and a inner tube parted into 3 parts, which were died at both ends and they were also drilled out as shown.

The 4 discs are tapped at both ends to accept the threads on the inner tube.

It will be noted the outer tube has a thick wall and this was intentional as I wanted to tap into it.

This is how it fits together.  The centre hole I needed to bore out to 8mm to give me plenty of clearance for the pellets to pass through.

Wadding it wrapped as thickly as possible between the discs before inserting the baffles into the tube.

Once the wadding is inside the outer tube the grub screws tapped into the side of the outer tube are gently tightened up so that the screws engage with indents made on the surface of the two outer disks.

This completes the silencer, but I will make another adaptor, I have taken the adaptor off the TH78 in the last shot for demonstration purposes,  I have through out used 1/2″ BSF threads to keep it compatible with other adaptors which are generally 1/2″ BSF

Finally when the Lathe is all back together I can complete the project I started a while ago now

The silencer was just about complete anyway. It needed a small counter-bore in the thread of around 5mm  to complete the silencer.

It was the barrel adaptor that finished off the drive belt on the lathe, Happily now that has been replaced and the lathe had a service all seems well again now.

I need to drill a hole right through the adaptor and put 2 threads in them so that is can be secured to the barrel using a couple of grub screws.

This silencer was made to fit any air rifle barrel with a 1/2″ BSF thread or an adaptor on the end of the barrel. This adaptor is 16mm and had been made to fit the QB78

Once I have the  grub screws fitted to hold the adaptor onto the barrel will test the Silencer and then all being well I will clean up ready for paint as I don’t want it this colour on the rifles. Satin Black with a couple of coats of Acid etch primer on first.

And a couple of shots of it on the qb78.The new silencer adds about an inch to the Barrel length over the standard silencer. Well that is to say It is an inch longer than the TH78 with the standard silencer fitted. The stocks are different on these rifles and may be a slightly different length, even if the mechanisms are not.

I dry fired the rifle which only had enough gas left into it for one shot and it was very quiet, but this was not of course a fair test. I will not be adding more gas at the moment though as the temperature means any results I would get wound be inaccurate as the temperature is on borderline at the moment for CO2 and the performance would not be that good, Seems little point in wasting gas.