Pellets & Groupings

A pellet is a pellet right?

No wrong.

I think this was a misconception we all shared. All our rifles like some pellets and hate others and it does not seem to necessarily be related to the weight of the pellet

I recently bought some sample pellets to see what each rifle preferred. The resulting power and groupings surprised me and Indeed all of us when we had all done our power testing. It is up to Kelvin and Mike if they wish to publish their results, but I will as it gives a comparison between five rifles. One just out of it’s box and 2 that have been serviced.

Also it is a good comparison between springers (The Remington Express), PCP (The Falcon FN19) and CO2  (the SMK Rifles The Victory CRW600, The QB78 and the TH78)

Kelvin has a TH78 and his results will be different from mine, as mine is a standard out of the box gun at the moment, Kelvins Rifle has been serviced and tuned to a degree with new parts. This is what I did with the QB78 and the Falcon FN19, being used rifles as I did not know their history and wanted to start with a fresh slate.

In my case it came out that the best all rounders are the standard Crossman Domed, and the Air Arms Diabolo heavy with other decent pellets being they Air Arms diabolo, the Crossman Premier ultra magnums and the Falcons. I am happy with this as I would rather use UK or American pellets than European pellets.

This suits me as none of these are European pellets. Now I have nothing against European countries, but I am Dead set against the eu, considering the way they have been treating the UK, and not just since we decided to leave the failed experiment. So unfortunately I will not support this what I consider a corrupt dictatorship. As these European countries are controlled by Brussels I will not support them. If a country leaves the eu I will be more than happy to support that country as an independent nation, but not as part of the disunited states of Europe.

This works out well for me, as some of the European pellets will take some of the rifles into FAC territory I am not prepared to use those countries pellets anyway. I will not knowingly support the eu in any way.

The groupings were interesting as well