My 20 yard range

I am of course limited in space and the maximum convenient length for my range is about 20 – 25 yards. That is shooting from a gazebo at the back of our house where the nearer to the house you are the greater the range . Realistic though when more than one person is shooting the range is limited to 20yards.

The targets get swapped around and replenished frequently but the most popular seem to be the chalk targets and the paint balls. and most of us can hit the paint balls which are pretty small at about 10mm

The shoot and c targets are always handy for zeroing in scopes etc. and we usually have a least a few of these available.

I have just been to the gallery and painted the swingers, but all I have  apart from black is metallic gold either way it will get knocked off anyway.

More chalk targets of various type are on order at the moment. Including some that our friends have chipped in

Kelvin has made a target for the range, but I will leave it to him to write a page on that.