Gun Targets

Automatic swinging target the 2 targets either end stay up when hit. The middle target resets the targets.

Automatic swinging target the 2 targets either end stay up when hit. The middle target resets the targets. The smaller target on the left did get a bit twisted. and I had to use pliers to straighten it out.

With any hobbies like these there are always be a need for Targets and with the guns there is no exception to that rule. The one above was one of the first I bought and It is pretty good. I also got a conventional square target holder as well and roughly the same time.


This is quite a good target holder which collects all the used pellets ready for empting. Relatively cheap to buy as well.

There are loads of printable targets on the web and I have printed out many of them so a target holder is always a useful addition.The fired pellets collect in the RSJ welded behind the target holder which forces the pellet into the RSJ, making it safe

I have recently bought some chalk disks for use as targets I have just made a back drop for these, but think I need to paint it black before I use it.


Golf tees finally arrived and I made a box to contain them. as I intend to use things like paint balls as targets and I want to contain the mess as far as possible, so these should explode inside the box and achieve the desired effect I hope.


But I also included some hooks for hanging the chalk targets from an a few more golf tee holes on the top

I have also mounted hooks above it for the chalk targets to hang from and 3 more tees on the top. Photos will follow in due course.

This tripod doubles as a walking stick, or a shooting rest, Guess what I want it for? I was going to make one, but as this was ยฃ15 and ยฃ3 carriage I don’t think I could have made it for much less.

This was an old room divider which I dismantled. And then thought with some modification and strengthening the back if could serve as an ideal place for our targets and this is the resultย  It basically has shelving at the back and I checked at 20 yards the other day and the pellets will embed in the wood, but will not go through. I am thinking about a couple sides on it to catch any misses or flyers and also the possibility of some spinners at the side Probably home made spinners though.

This gallery has worked admirably and with help from my shooting buddies it has been strengthened and there is now a large piece of sheet metal behind it just in case and there have been quite a few additions The backstop has just been replaced. The old one was looking a bit the worse for wear. I should explain at the back of the backstop are 2 layers of close fitting wood to stop any force left in the pellet and in front of that there is foam, rags and anything in fact to absorb the energy from the pellet and to prevent the pellet bouncing back when it hits the backstop.

The chalk targets are popular and we have quite a few colours, shapes and sizes. Paint-balls are also quite a challenge, but satisfying when hit