Gun Accessories

With any hobbies like these there are always accessories and with the guns there is no exception to that rule.

On Tuesday 6th September I finally bought myself an air rifle. Something I have wanted for years. but for one reason or another it was never practical Either the garden was to small or they were just to expensive, or something else would come up.

But I finally splashed out and bought myself a rifle. I wont go into it any detail here as that will be covered by another page on the site.

But there is always a need to have tools to maintain weapons, no mater if they are actually firearms, or air weaponry. Even if it is only screwdrivers and Allen keys for adjusting sights etc.

I have fired the rifle now and zeroed in (mostly) the sights. I delayed doing this because I wanted to run a mop down the barrel first to make sure there was not any obstructions or waste left over from the manufacturing process. I have now done that and have now given the barrel a light oiling before I sighted in the gun.

I used this (picture bellow) for the cleaning, which arrived today, which is purely dedicated to .177 and .22.ย  Which is all we need for the foreseeable future.

Gun cleaning kit. Dedicated to .177 and .22

Gun cleaning kit. Dedicated to .177 and .22

My next project will be home made, but will be based on this.

Shooting vice, which should also be useful for maintenance.

Shooting vice, which should also be useful for maintenance.

I think I can make one of these using steel box section, flat steel, studding, nuts and washers. I will also have to do some arc welding. I do have a small quantity of steel box section, and some flat steel from a previous now redundant project, but a visit to B&Q is in order tomorrow morning. I will modify it somewhat though, so it will work with the crossbow and the pistols.


This is my gun rest and I suppose it should really be called the mark II as it has had quite a bit of modification work done to it. Time will tell If I have achieved the results I wanted ๐Ÿ™‚

Laser bore sighter. I was led to believe I need a separate one for .177 and another for .22

Laser bore sighter. I was led to believe I need a separate one for .177 and another for .22, but this was not the case one device does most calibers. including the ones we need.

Both these bore sighterโ€™s have now arrived and The are in identical boxes and the devices are very similar. I would say the second one though it does not have such a good switching system the adapters are much better. I donated one set to Kelvin as I don’t need 2

I understand the theory of these bore sighter’s, but I have found they are not that accurate and you still end up having to zero in, in the more usual ways. I suppose it does get you in the ball park though if your sights are way off.

I had one of these arrived the post today. It is only a cheap one and there are far better ones available. but the truth is I am not sure I particularly like these things attached to a gun barrel and for that reason I would not buy a metal construction one unless it was designed to screw into the stock of the rifle and I was prepared to fit the bushes ๐Ÿ™‚


We got a gun cabinet which would have been ideal for 3 guns providing they didn’t have scopes. as it is I can only realistic fit 2 guns in it and this is not enough now we have 4 guns. So I have ordered another one.


This is supposed to accommodate 6 scoped rifles and indeed it does. Even the one with high mounts for the sights fits in, but it is quite a slim rifle. Either way all 4 rifles do fit in and the spare stock and the walking stick/rifle rest and even though a bit tight the pump as well. The old cabined will not be wasted as I have fitted removable shelves in it and I think it will work well when I hang up the stocksย  to dry out after they have been oiled etc. which should keep them dust free.

Also we now posses a Chrono. With 4 guns to be kept legal we need to have one now. It seems the cheaper ones do not work with CO2 and/or PCP, so it had to be a proper Chrono.


Took me all of 5 minutes to lose one of the extension rods for this device. It will all go together as shown in the picture. but it is possible by using extension rods to about double the length of the rods giving more distance to shoot within. I have now made another rod for this until the original turns up.

In fact I used some of the rods from the gun cleaning kit in the red box to make a rod suitable for replacing the missing rod. These rods screw together and ended up the same length as the originals. So while I still need to find the missing rod I can at least use the chrono to it’s full capacity

I have just got a battery for it and it does appear to work as it should. Though I have not tested it live yet and I appreciate it will not work under florescent lighting, but the display all seems as it should


This tripod doubles as a walking stick, or a shooting rest, Guess what I want it for?ย  I was going to make one, but as this was ยฃ15 and ยฃ3 carriage I don’t think I could have made it for much less


I found this for ยฃ30 plus ยฃ8 for next day delivery and it really does make a difference. Where it will be most useful is with the Remington, but I will be using the artillery hold for this gun anyway.,


This is all scrap wood, that I have found a use for,