Stock Refinishing

I have the Falcon stocks to re-finish. Starting with the standard one, which is the worst one.

Though the light hunter could also do with some cosmetic work. In fact I removed the rubber pad at the back of the light hunter stock which is quite a good butt pad. Pity the previous owner has drilled a slightly to small a hole for one of the swing swivels. It has messed up the wood a bit. Little point in re-drilling it now. but I will have to sand it down quite a bit there.

I have decided to put the stocks on hold until we have consistently warmer weather, because I think it will take to long between processes to dry out.

Of course I have two stocks with the Falcon, the standard stock and the light hunter stock. The standard stock was a bit battered and looking tired so I have been refurbishing it.

Here are the before and after pictures though it is not complete yet as it needs one more coat of tru oil and a final spray of tru oil. but the difference can be seen. This is a slow process and I am about a week into the refurbishment at the time of writing this. But I am nearly at the stage where I can hang the stock up and let it cure slowly for around 2 weeks , before conditioning and polishing the stock ready for use.

I have to say the wood on the stock was not of the best quality and there were quite a few blemishes in the wood, I would have preferred a much lighter colour, but the blemishes made it necessary to deeply stain the stock.

Stain and first coats of true oil

This was the stock rubbed down to the highest quality sandpaper I have available. Then walnut staining and rubbing down before it having 2 diluted coats of tru oil applied. to the stock.

Final stages of the refurbishment

Here is the stock awaiting a thorough, but gentle rub down with steel wool prior to the last coat of hand applied tru oil.It will then have another rub down once dry and will have a final coat of spray tru oil and be allowed to cure naturally

This is the Final result. In the end it was 2 coats of spray tru oil now it needs to cure for at least a week. 2 weeks would be better and then I can wax it to a high lustre, But I am pretty happy with the result.

Falcon have sent me 4 new stock badges and this week I gave the stockj a good rub down with stock sheen and conditioner and then finished off by adding the badges. before the final coats of protective wax.,

And here it is the finished product. If I am honest I am a little disappointed as it didn’t come out as well as I hoped it would. It is a massive improvement over what it was, but there were and still are blemishes in the wood, some of which have unfortunately showed through, but I am prepared to live with that.

I looked at the Light-hunter stock and it is really not that bad. I do need to fit a couple of swivels to both Falcon stocks But a rub with the stock sheen and conditioner followed by a coat of Gun stock wax, brought it up quite nicely. One of the stock badges is looking the worse for wear but I can replace those easily enough.

I gave the QB78 stock the same treatment of stock sheen and conditioner and wax polish and that looks OK, It coukd so with a refurbish, but it is not to bad and frankly it isn’t worth the effort for a cheap Chinese gun unless it is in terrible conditioning, which it isn’t

The Falcon FN19 rifle has now had its magazine indexing done as well. It works on the new magazines, but not the old magazines, As you can no longer get the old magazines this is not  that much of a problem and honestly the new magazines do look better,

The rifle is now ready for air. Now I have a better tool for shaping metal I am going to see if I can improve on the single pellet tray I made for the Falcon FN19