Falcon FN19 Silencer Adaptor

Probably the one thing I have never liked about the Falcon F19 is the fact that to put air in the rifle I had to remove the silencer every time.

So finally I got around to making and adaptor for it The mark 1 version was a failure. I used a piece of stock aluminium tube, but it didn’t have enough wall thickness or strength to stand tapping.

Ignore the paint. I just used it as a way of holding the mark 2 adaptor while it was being painted

However this did give me a good insight into making the mark 2 version and I solved the issues I would have on the first version, so I didn’t have the same problems on the new version.

Here you can see the painted adaptor and the silencer.

I took the opportunity to touch up the scratched paint on the Silencer while I was painting the adaptor.

I used Stainless Steel for this part and the  turned size and the drilled size are both 10mm to fit a 10mm Barrel.

For the drilled part I drilled 9.5mm and reamed out to10mm which gives a nice snug fit.

Here you can see how the adaptor fits

The Taper is deliberate as it gives ne a nice clearance area to fit the air tube on to I hope,

I tried out pumping the rifle up this morning.

The good news is the fit could not have been better

The bad news is I didn’t tighten the front valve enough and it blew out the O ring.I do not know if the o ring is knackered at this point in time, but at least it is the front valve which is easier remove check and refit as it will require minimal strip down.

Checked and tightened and pumped it up Only to find the non return valve in the inlet seems not to be working. This is a nuisance as really there is no help for it except a complete new valve.

All I can try to do is reface the nylon and the brass body, But I have my doubt I can rectify the situation.

I do not think their is any choice now except to buy a new valve from T R Robb I can get new internals for about £7,50 from Best fittings The body complete though Is £40. I will have to transfer money to get this valve so maybe it would be best to get the valve and a new set of internals

I seem to have sorted out the leaking problem which threw up another problem. The quick release valve was not sealing on the inlet valve properly. I had a spare which solved that problem, But I think it was the o-ring inside the quick release valve that was faulty.

I did try the new internals which fitted the brass body, but did not seal properly so it has to be the brass valve body needs refacing. The new part did not fit the stainless steel body. But I fully tightened the  valve up then released it till the cap was flush with the body and touch wood it seems to have worked.

I made a tool to simplify the removal of the inlet valve from the front of the cylinder without stripping down the rest of the Rifle which works well.Or it did work well,.

I ended up making a tool with a much deeper socket and milling the collet with a slot of 3mm as the original gap closed up and I could get no further grip on the valve once this had happened.

I want to make another to Grip the outer ring of the body on both Valves.

I did make 2 air bleed tools one for the inlet valve and one for the exhaust valve. The exhaust vale bleed tool has been checked and it worked OK. The inlet bleed valve is yet to be tested, but I am sure it will work.