Tomcat MkII

While I was on the Bows and Blades site I found this.


It comes with 3 bolts and was priced at ยฃ30, just ยฃ5 dearer apparently than the earlier mark 1 model

I bought one and it is fantastic fun, but we quickly found it needs a substantial back stop.

I didn’t bother with the metal sights though and fitted a LED red dot sighting system, which once I found the ideal place for it and sighted it in. It is fantastically accurate.

all the spares, strings, bolts, are quite inexpensive. I comes with a small quantity of grease to grease the self cocking mechanisms rails and slots, but it doesn’t come with string wax for use on the alloy bed and the string.

This crossbow does need regular liberal greasing and I bought a tub of the recommended grease. A Small quantity is supplied, but you will need more. It should be re greased approximately every 15 bolts fired. I use cotton buds for this as it is the least messy way of doing it I have found.

I have since lost a few bolts, but I have more than replaced these. with both aluminum and plastic bolts, both have a place. The plastic bolts are no good for firing at hard targets though.

In our garden I would not want a crossbow any more powerful than this little tomcat. In fact 50ilb draw weight would be more than sufficient for our garden.

I did need to hunt around for more foam as a backstop for this crossbow and I managed to get some high density foam from a local market, but you can always do with more than you think you need.

I made a rack for the bolts which does simplify things a bit.


It seems the Laser bore sighterย  works for the Tomcat as well.

Laser bore sighter. Will need a separate one for .177 and another for .22

Laser bore sighter. Will need a separate one for .177 and another for .22

I managed to sight in the crossbow by using the tube of an old bolt. In fact I have unscrewed the tip of one of the newer batches of bolt and the bore sighter will fit in snugly using one of the adaptors. but as these bolts also have the flight screwed into the other end the laser bore sighter can’t go back far enough and because of this it is a lose fit at the end of the tube. This is of course useless for accuracy

I found I had to use an old bolt and cut the tip off and this worked fine as the shaft is longer, allowing the Laser bore sighter to sit properly where it needs to be. so I have included this now special bolt in the box of the bore sighter.

The bolt was of course top heavy and I needed to place the bolt under the bow string to hold it in place.

It was not as easy as it should have been. It is a bright sunny day and while the LED dot sight works fine. I really had trouble seeing the laser. The optics on this Crossbow are adequate for our use. but it was not magnifying the object at all and was more difficult to see the laser through the scope than it was with the naked eye. The crossbow was quite close to where it works for me, and I have now altered that. So we will see when I give the crossbow its next work out.

But as It got darker I checked the alignment again and it seems to be just about spot on. I should think only minor adjustments will be necessary now and that will probably only be at different ranges. I did try sighting it diagonally as well to give it the longest possible range and it didn’t seem to change the settings, so time will tell.

The crossbow needs to be greased up again, before its next use and the string and bed re-waxed. Unfortunately the Rifle rest seems to be taking most of my time at the moment.