Perfect point throwing knives

Perfect point throwing knives

These were one of the first sets of knives I bought. They are lightweight and that makes them less easy to throw for a beginner like myself.

I did coat the top and the bottom of the bindings with hot melt glue, (because I had heard the bindings do unwind on this set of knives.) but I removed the glue in the end and rebound the handles. I have now decided that if they do come undone I will remove theย  bindings altogether anyway and use the knives without the binding.

I am a beginner with knife throwing as I have indicated and for me the way it works is to not bother with the knives spinning through the air and I am for now at least concentrating on straight throwing the knives. In other words I hold them by the handle and the blade is thrown in a straight line directly at the target. That’s the theory anyway. The idea being I need to learn to walk before I can run, and it is not as easy as it looks when you see an experience thrower throw knives.


Again Perfect point knives

This is the second pair of lightweight knives I posses and they are just as difficult to throw as the previous set. They look gold in this photo, but it is in fact a trick of the light they are actually silver.

These knives were part of a set and a target board came with them


I have put this on a back board, because the first time a knife came close to it, it surrendered and fell of its hanging hook. As this is like a dart board material wise I couldn’t see reattaching the hanging hook would do any good and all it would do is wreck the part of the board I screwed it into. So I thought I would try this. I have not yet had an opportunity to do so though.


Cold Steel sport throwing knives

These are much heavier knives but by no means the heaviest knives you can get, but they appear to be easier to throw.

All my knives came from those nice people at Blades And Bows

I can recommend this company as they are very quick on delivery and are also very helpful

The only other knife I have bought from them is this one and it is not intended to be a throwing knife. It will be handy for lots of other uses, but not knife throwing.

This bowie knife is in the style of Crocodile Dundee

This bowie knife is in the style of Crocodile Dundee ” That is not a knife, THIS IS A KNIFE” I feels good though, It is a nice weight, it is the right size for my hands and it is sharp.