I was not looking for a bow. I was actually after a backstop for the crossbow and I came across this deal which had a stand, foam backstop, several paper targets and the pins to secure them to the foam, which came with a bow for not much more than I could have paid for the foam, stand and targets.


The picture does not show the same bow which is just a youth recurved bow with a pull weight of about 20Lbs. Its an Armex Warrior. The listing just said bow and arrows and while the arrows look the same as the Warrior the bow is not a compound bow and does not have a pulley system.

We very quickly worked out we needed an arm protector and an archery glove. The supplied items were for children and just would not fit. So Ebay to the rescue we ordered a leather glove and arm protector

We have since broken a few arrows and replaced them at £2 each. This is a basic bow and is nothing special, but is seems one of my friends clicked with the bow and arrows very quickly.

I made a stand for the Arrows which is similar to the bolt stand I made for the bolts for the crossbow. though that is of course floor standing and needed a form of stabilizers as otherwise it would just fall over defeating its objective.

The arrow rest on the bow itself is a bit naff and my first attempt at a replacement was not successful, but I have not given up.

I can’t see us ever wanting anything more powerful as this seems about ideal for our garden.