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There is nothing illegal, suspicious, or sinister going on here. It is just a site that was originally intended to be private and between friends, but I decided in the end to make the site a static public site. This is not going to be a site you can join though for a number of reasons. I dunno about other people but I get a bit fed up having to join a site to view some content that I might only visit the once.  If you really want to contact us there is a contact form and a chat box

I started this site as a record of my progress, or otherwise with Bows, blades, guns catapults etc. But it quickly emerged that the rifles have become my main area of interest. 2 of which were second user guns so I wanted to strip them down and give them a good service, because I did not know their history. I have replaced some parts with new or uprated parts, to bring them nearer to the legal limit, but not exceed it.

I was always of the opinion that springers are king. I am not so sure of that now, PCP, CO2 and springers all have their place and there own advantages and disadvantages, With a spring piston gun you only need the strength to cock it and a tin of pellets for a spot of shooting. You of course do need to understand that you need to be able to fire a springer properly, as there is a technique involved because the recoils of the action can have a big influence on the accuracy of the rifles,unless you are consistent and allow for the recoil to take place. But it is still probably the cheapest way to get into air rifles.

CO2 was a surprise to me. I like to be self sufficient and these need the gas cartridges  which incur an extra cost, in the case of the 12g cartridges I have just bought 100 and we split it 50/50 with Kelvin they worked out at 37p each and two of the guns take two of these capsules 74 pence a fill for up to around 60 shots. Some CO2 Rifles like the SMK QB79 and the Hammerli 850 Air Magnum of course take the 88g cartridges which you wont get much change out of a tenner for each of these, but with shot counts around 200 per cartridge.

Personally I think the SMK QB79 is quite an ugly gun with its big air tank under the barrel, but it is quite cheap whereas the Hammerli while it has a plastic stock, it does at least hide the cartridge within the stock and it is a repeater, but it can’t be described as cheap. You pays you money and take you choice I suppose.However with all the CO2 guns you have to factor in the cost of the cartridges which is an additional financial cost on top of the Pellets. These cartridges are also temperature dependant and the cooler they are the worse they perform. Having said that there is no recoil from these rifles, they tend to be lighter, they are easy to shoot and they are quite accurate, or our ones are anyway.

And then there is the PCP. Which has the same advantages as CO2, It is the recharging that is a pain. You either need a pump or a divers bottle to fill these with air. The pump requires a fair amount of effort especially for someone like me with COPD. You can pay about the same for a pump as you can for a dive bottle., but whereas with a pump the expense ends with the pump the divers bottle has only just begun. The tank comes empty so will need filling I have heard this is around £7 maybe a tenner now, But every 5 years the tank has to be tested as a cost of around £40. Though the tank is easier to fill the riffle from. But you do have to lug either dive bottle around to recharge it or a pump. But having said that My Falcon is very accurate and I can easily hit pellet on pellet. It is easier to handle to, being much lighter than a Spring gun.As with the Co2 guns a silencer can be added and they are much more effective on pcp and co2 than on the springers

Which do I prefer? We do have a Springer which once you master the technique is very accurate and while only around  10ft ilbs its spread and grouping is so good I will not tweak it as I can get pellet on pellet accuracy from this rifle,

I also have a PCP, a few CO2 rifles and 1 CO2 pistol,l they all have a place, for plinking I would say the Co2 rifles are the easiest and with each charge giving around 30 shots from a single gas cartridge and up to 60 with 2 gas cartridges, in the case of the QB78 and TH78  it is not  that expensive and the 12g co2 cartridges are much easier to carry than a pump or air tank.The cartridges are best kept in your pocket until you are ready to use them, to keep them warm.

As for hunting I can’t speak from experience here as I have never been hunting and in truth I do not really want to go hunting, I see no pleasure in killing innocent animaIs and would only do that if my survival counted on it.

But as I understand it has to be PCP for hunting as I believe they have more knock down power than CO2.  Silenced they are quiet enough to not scare away all the pray and they are Accurate based on my Falcon they are anyway.

A spring gun will scare of the prey once it has been fired not only from the mussel report, but the pretty much unavoidable twang of the spring and it will be a while before they will break cover again,

While I am not interested in hunting for anything other than survival I will when the need arises if it ever does use one of our weapons for vermin control and it goes without saying I would use it for personal protection if I had the need to. In a situation like that an air gun aimed at the softer parts of a body would be effective enough.