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The Moto Guzzi, My last bike.

Thisย  site was intended to be a showcase on the bikes I have owned and my comments on the said bikes. From bloody awful for the BMW to something special for the Motto Guzzi (above)

In fact I no longer own a Bike. Reluctantly I sold my Moto Guzzi as I could no longer ride it. My arthritis in my left wrist in particular has got so bad I could not pull in the heavy clutch lever on a regular enough basis to make riding the bike a pleasure any more.

I do of course miss the bike as it by far the best Bike I ever owned and it was virtually a museum exhibit when I sold it, but it needed to be ridden and I was unable to do that any more.

The new Owner of the Guzzi seems delighted with it and it will be ridden which is good, However I would have preferred it was me riding it,

I was hoping to rid it to France to see friends next year, but I can’t do that now.

I have thought about an automatic bike, but they are all on the heavy side and to be honest I am not sure I can be bothered with the hassle of putting on my leathers to go anywhere and also to be worried if my bike would still be there when I returned to ride it home It would also of course have to be dragged out of the house and put back in the garage when I was finished with it or the insurance would not pay out if it got stolen.

I think is I ever get another bike it will be a smaller bike preferably a factory custom cruise with a very light clutch.

So I think until such time as I do get another bike I think this site has gone as far as I can take it